I wasted my time today. Half the day is gone to reading news on the internet, catching up on events, and making a few comments here and there.


   I worked for a boss for years. I am too used to the drive of external pressures to get work done. With these external pressures taken away I have failed to adequately keep myself on task everyday. Some of this is great because I will work for 16 hours some days, tackling difficult problems or learning new tech. But on others like today I waste an entire morning doing nothing. In the end I am not making progress on the main project I should be working on. I haven't even created a project page for it yet.


  • Create new habits by setting a schedule and holding to it until I don't have to think about it any more.
  • Create milestones for myself and set target dates and do everything I can to keep those dates.
  • Keep a regular journal of my work with posts like this one. Another attempt at forming the habit of keeping my mind on what I should be doing. I got this idea from an article about Steinbeck's diary while writing the Grapes of Wrath.

   My current plan is to get my RPG to a point where I can just test it for awhile during my leisure hours playing with friends and handing it to others to test. Once that is underway, I'll shift gears back to writing the server code, web front-end and a mobile app for the citizen scientist project with Friends of Sausal Creek. I should have a playtest scenario written before tomorrow night, and then print all that out before heading down to Endgame to scare up some play testers for it. I suppose three scenario packets for playtesters, and designing some post test questionaires for feedback on the game are what I need for this final push. I'd like to have all that done in a couple weeks, and then look into getting a Mac Book again if Apple has released a new model, so that I can get to work on writing the iOS app front end for my FOSC project.

Cover Image: An aspirational schedule I drew up for myself to get myself to work