Minor update to Violence Spells Gods and Politics. I created Quick Reference Sheets, and tweaked mechanics.

   The intention of a Quick Reference Sheet was to make it easy for first time referees to run a play test, but other thoughts rose to the surface.

  1. A system that uses arbitrary Challenge Ratings is a system full of exceptions.
  2. Specific modifiers for particular kinds of actions are another exception which need to be kept in control.
  3. Many exceptions and arbitrariness to the numbers are good because player focus shifts from number crunching to coming up with a good plan, but bad because it can be a pain in the ass for the referee.
  4. I should simplify the primer now that I have a reference sheet for the numbers.

   Over all I think I am doing alright. I can see that the essence of the system, dice + Stat, holds together well. In order to reduce the number of exceptions I made changes to rely more on gradations of success and set most CR's at 11. Certain actions require an exceptional success.