I posted a rough draft of the VSGP Primer last week. I now realize that I have two more pages to write.

   The first missing item is a page on procedures for searching and exploration. Since I rarely pay attention to these rules in other games, I left them out. In retrospect, I think my reasoning is backwards. I should include methods for doing this because exploration and searching are core activities in these kinds of games, and I have yet to find anything in another game that I respect enough to use.

   The primer also needs a conclusion. Perhaps I should write something about how I see the game being played, or how I use these rules, what my intentions are and so on. I don't want to do this because the rules should speak for themselves, but this seems like the obvious way to wrap up the primer.

   Once I receive enough feedback to do a "final" for version 1 I'll write these two pages and then free up my creative energy for something else.