Working on the "House" today I got lost in the details, fonts being one of them. I played with Google Fonts for the first time, and also learned how to enable the use of fonts across the site's subdomains.

   In some respects, such minutiae is a waste of time. I should be working more on functionality because those are the skills I need to develop. Tweaking aesthetics however is like rearranging or decorating your home. When your home is comfortable, you want to spend time there, cook in the kitchen, write at your desk. I suppose its the same for me with this site. If I like how it looks, I'll spend more time playing with it. As long as I don't obsess with rearranging and futzing to the point of distraction, I think the aesthetics are worth my time.

   Although I currently like the fonts chosen, the crude, antiqued font, IM Fell English, may eventually feel gimmicky or faddish. I like it now because it feels like something stamped on paper. There is a danger in trying to mimic material references rather than embracing the web for what it is, but this is a good enough starting point for me. Material references are a touchstone. I understand them. If however this choice was a bad one, making the mistake with open eyes is also the best way I know how to learn. Better to go with it than vacillate.

   I chose Ubuntu for the article text because I have liked that font ever since I installed Ubuntu on my desktop some years back. It brings me pleasure to read it. I do not know how others feel about it, but it is here to stay until I have seen too much of it.

   Enabling cross domain fonts was something I stumbled upon. I am using subdomains to compartmentalize aspects of the site. The blog uses the "blog" subdomain for example. The problem with this is that shared assets are shared across the subdomains, and Firefox does not let you do this with fonts. In order to keep my fonts, and CSS in one central repository rather than maintain copies in multiple locations, I had to enable cross domain fonts. I did not know that was even a thing until today. I am glad I solved it because I would hate to maintain multiple copies of these files. I'd rather just make one edit in one place.