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Titan and Wormy

   Although I find Titan as a board game much too long for my tastes now, I am addicted to, Colossus, Titan's Java port. Rather than tell you about it, I encourage you to try it for yourself. Its an old school slugfest of a game, fantasy war game kinda thing, and abstracted in a fun way. The Java version is a quick play by comparison, and makes the game fun again for me.

   One of the designers of the game was one of two of my favorite artists at TSR during D&D's golden age, David Trampier, creator of the Player's Handbook cover...

... and the wormy comic...

   Someone posted the wormy comic to a google page of some kind. Here is the first one in the series. Enjoy. If you are not from the old days, the context of the comic is the late 70's early 80's gaming and wargaming sub-culture that revolved around D&D. You can see elements of it expressed in the comic over and over again. Wormy is a dragon, pool-shark, and apparently also a wargamer who uses trolls as pieces (since they regenerate). That wargaming is illegal in the comic is interesting when you consider Trampier's own interest in wargaming, and the split between wargamers and roleplayers in the gaming culture.

   I used to read Wormy as a kid in the Dragon magazine where I found it in the turnstile of my nearest hobby shop, The Crossing Gate in Oakland, long since closed. I was not that much into the magazine otherwise. I only bought one, #71, because I felt my hard earned money was better spent on miniatures or books. But Snarf Quest and Wormy were huge draws for me as a kid, big enough draws that I would make my way up Park Boulevard into the Oakland Hills to go to the Crossing Gate. Although admittedly that was also to play Dragon's Lair at Freeway Variety while tripped out on the sugar high from Slurpees.

Titan and Wormy
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