Shadows somber low blue and deep pooled hiding from sun. Green water rivulet streams twining spiraling about each other, copulating vortices breeding rapids splashing rocks out carved concave spooned spots. Listen to the water, tussel, stream, and pop liliplop shhssszuuuzuzislahhh.
      Wanna run like a river. Dance over stones. Plumet to the level, sea level seeking comfort of tides, moon, and salt. Barnacled rocks. Deep swimming tuna. Sweep of dolphin leeps and whale songs. Run like a river. Cut a path home.
      Sun sets night falls. Yuba valley cool blue white stone. Hop back rock to rock in the thickening gloom. Somewhere west the sun sets. The sky shades darker blue. Rock to rock to rock, dance upstream follow me. Ghost pines watching me still and silently. Air settles with shadows crisp descent from sun touched slopes. Follow me. Dance like me upstream rock to rock to rock. Night is falling.