Reacquainting myself with a drawing tablet.

   I intended to draw four panels for Violence Spells Gods and Politics, one panel for each of the words. I failed to draw one. Concepts are one thing. Visualization is another. So I just went with my standard mode of thoughtlessly acting. This scene is not at all what I wanted, but its what I ended up with. I was not even drawing so much as scribbling. I'm really struggling to draw good lines and figures.

   I need to draw more regularly if I am going to develop because my day job only demands abstract thinking of me now. But we will see how that goes. I tend to pursue non-work stuff mindlessly. I play guitar without thinking too and so it takes hours of daily practice to develop any competence. Still if I was taking courses or forced to be disciplined I would not practice at all. It works more like recreation that way rather than as yet another thing to burn out on.