Today I started work on project pages, using an old project, TILES, as an example.

Steps taken so far include:

  1. create the directory structure for projects, a single directory containing subfolders, each subfolder containing an entire project. I copied all of TILES' files to create the first subfolder in the tree.

  2. create a static page for a project which showcases the latest build of the project, and has a section for a development blog.

  3. populate the development blog with posts about the project. I compare post tags with the project's tag to determine relevance.

  4. create an "internal tag" for the TILES project, and tag all relevant posts with it. (Ghost has tags which are not intended for display to a site user, but can still be used by site admins.)

  5. adjust links from the home page so that highlighted posts pertaining to a project link to their project page instead of to the blog. So far this only works if I limit a post to one project.

Next steps:

   I need to do more work on the display of the development blog. I should display the latest post in full, and create navigation so that the user can select older posts by date and title. Perhaps allowing the entire development blog to be minimized and maximized would be useful as well.

   I also need to create a project list page which displays all projects I am working on. A link to this page would be added to the site menu.

   I am currently considering whether I should track projects in data somehow so that project name, tag, short description, and the URL of a splash image for the project can all be associated together. This could be in a static JSON file since the data is not complex.