I selected a placeholder name for my RPG, and completed the first draft of a primer of the rules for a playtest. Anyone is welcome to leave comments on the documents found on the project page.

   I still have much more to do before I can hand this game over to others for playtesting. At a minimum I think I need the following:

  1. A feedback form to give to players and referees.
  2. A scenario for a referee to run, designed to test the systems I want tested.
  3. Magic Catastrophe Tables to roll on when magic goes bad.
  4. Special Attacks defined in terms of resistances and effects.

   After my first pass completing these, I should go back and revise everything at least one more time. The current overview is really rough, and could use more pointers for referees specifically aimed at running a playtest. I am also thinking that I should run one more playtest on my own before the final revision, and try using these materials myself.

   It will be good after I have gone through this whole process to look back on these notes about what I thought I needed, and reassess, consider what I've learned, and what is actually required to playtest a game properly. I have after all never done this before.

   And lastly, the project page looks really uninspiring. At some point I need to reorganize it and make it more attractive.