She told me she found another lover
Part of me feels jealousy but
I am so happy she learned to walk again
And that makes me feel like a man

Yet I no longer reside in her heart
And I am the one to blame
I ended our relation badly
And now I feel of low import

I am so small in her eyes
Just a little boy
When once through her eyes
I was reborn
Once I was a man

I loved what we had
I feared to stain the memmory
Yet fear stole my tongue
And I never told her why
Why I left her crying nights

I destroyed us
destroyed her
and a little of me

Like a jackal I return
Searching for one last morsel
I find her reborn
like the Phoenix in her river of tears
And my fears have sprouted
"You really hurt me," she said

In her eyes I am small
Where once I was a man