I interviewed for and got a second job today, working evenings. This changes my plans for lots of things I wanted to do.

   I doubt I will be making much headway on rewriting this site in node or of finishing my private behind the scenes mobile app project which I haven't talked about much nor shown anything of. I am not sure when I will have the energy to dig back in.

   But since I should have my financial stress now sorted, and instead need to blow off steam having fun I will likely just do whatever I need to do to have fun at the time. I'll probably start gaming again. I'd like to make other gaming friends and eventually test VSGP with them in a campaign. If all that comes together, VSGP may get worked on further.

   Or I could fritter away my time in meandering social activity seeking sex and companionship and other base drives which will be healthy but unproductive. I have no idea and no more plans. Whatever the fuck happens, happens. With two jobs keeping me busy, I have no intention of succumbing to burn out.

   Lastly I wore my lucky shoes to this interview which puts me at three for three with kick ass interview performance wearing these shoes. They are wingtips that a friend gave me because they did not fit him. He makes the big bucks. He told me that these shoes are great for impressing in interviews. I scoffed because I prefer to wear my one pair of sandals for everything. I even do cross country running in the hills wearing my sandals (chacos or chaco knock offs). But I've been wearing these wingtips to interviews lately and it's like putting on a costume and playing a role, a role that has been working out pretty well. So I'll keep at it. I'm hoping that in the next six months a position opens up at a particular firm, and when I go in for my second interview with them, I get the job. The lucky wingtips are going back in their little bags with those wooden inserts and waiting for the day.