Today I discovered that a guy named Jack Shackleford wrote a book called The House of The Magus. I have not yet read it.

   The House of the Magus does not look like my cup of tea, but since I unwittingly used the same name, I should get my hands on a copy and drink, I mean read, the book. I am not currently reading anything of note. I almost finished Dune Messiah recently, but got distracted and have not resumed. Each night, the past couple nights before falling asleep, I have read a few pages of Swords and Deviltry, Fritz Lieber. Lord of the Flies was before that, and a quick one all at once. My reading habits have been peripatetic for the past few years. I have read what I found lying around in the library's discard bin or stumbled upon on the sidewalk. Reading The House of the Magus would fit my "read what you find" habit.

   Since I knew nothing about Shackleford's book until this morning, I suppose it is obvious that this website has nothing to do with it. The reasoning behind my use of the name is about as focused as my book reading though. Some years back I had thought that I might make games for money on the side. I registered a local business called Magus Games, and then looked into making a website for it. Just something to do in addition to everything else. I was a full time landscape architect at the time. So anyway, when I was registering the domain name I discovered that someone else already had it. So... House of the Magus was the next idea. Around the same time I had run a D&D campaign set in a palace/hotel complex referred to as the house of the magus, because a wizard owned and operated the place, and no one knew his name. I modeled it on Knossos with a magic link to another world in every resident's quarters. That is where I came up with the name, The House of the Magus. It is pretentious because it makes me the Magus, but, whatever, I like the name. Maybe I have pretensions. I should get those checked out.

The image at the top is the cover for a printing of The House of the Magus. Obviously it is not my work. Discovering that image is what kicked off this post, and my surprise that someone else used that title.