A minor update to the website: the upper left corner of the home page has an image icon, which when clicked displays the splash image in isolation, above all the other content.

   I wanted this feature because I wanted to view the images without their center obscured beneath the latest blog post. Adding the random picture feature on the home page is the act that set this in motion. Although I have already spent more time than I should thinking about the images, gathering more, and looking at them, I should take the next step, creating a gallery for them.

   At present, the images are just files in a folder without any metadata. A gallery should have a preferred order for display and perhaps captions. I'll probably use JSON for this and just edit the gallery's data file by hand.

   Linking the home page image viewer to the gallery requires that I check whether the image is in the gallery, which in turn requires an image ID as part of the JSON. At present the URL is all I have to identify the image. My instinct tells me that I should establish the ID separately from the URL, but as long as this is hand written JSON I will use URLs. Unique numerical IDs should be created by a machine, and I am not interested in over engineering this.

   If an image is in the gallery, then I would need forward and back buttons to move through the "stream", a button to enter gallery view, and a section to display metadata like caption or title, and credit if the image is not by me. In addition for either situation I need a clearer button for returning to the homepage. Clicking the image now sends the user back to the home page which is fine for a short term solution but is bad UI if I add any complexity to this.