While working on hex crawling rules for VSGP, I put together some hex-paper templates which may be useful for others.

Hex Sheets

   Each of these covers the sheet in grey hexes at five per inch from left to right. In addition a larger hex is shown in black with dashed lines containing a number of the grey hexes. On one sheet, the area contained by the dashed hex is 5 grey hexes across, and 10 across on the other. This is useful when the party explores the details of a location. In VSGP the detail level scales up by 10, 100, or 5 depending on what the party is doing.

Usage for VSGP

   When a party is traveling, each turn is one day, and each hex is 3 miles or 5 kilometers across depending on whether you prefer metric or imperial units. This is handy because it is roughly the distance that someone can see and so a referee only needs to draw the landscape to a distance of one hex from the players' current position. With a SPEED of 9, a group of characters can move through 9 hexes each day. In the middle of a Travel turn suppose that the players want their characters to scout out a hex in more detail. In this situation, the Travel turn is interrupted or paused, and we increase the detail of the current hex while switching to Scouting turns. Scouting turns are 1 hour each, and each hex on the detail map measures approximately 500 yards or meters across. Using a 10 to 1 hex grid on the detail map is thus useful for tracking the party's movement relative to their position on the wilderness map.

   When a party is exploring a structure or feature like a citadel or a cave, the turns are 1 minute each, and each hex is 5 meters across. For an encounter, the turns scale up in detail, each with a 6 second duration, and each hex 1 meter or yard across. I assume that the most common movement is hustling at double time rather than a leisurely walking pace. So when shifting from exploration to combat, you can use the 5 to 1 ratio for drawing up the encounter on a battle mat.

   Anyway this is my use for these. I thought that others would also be able to use them for whatever game they are playing.