Started the season off by weeding the garden beds between downpours. It is a small garden so this only took an hour. I need to get a camera working again for this, but my garden is not photogenic. I deliberately maintain it as a chaotic mess, and cultivate volunteer plants while also adding seeds each year.

Weeds Removed

  • Solanum. A nightshade with black berries. Don't know the full name, but its a fair bet this one is deadly poisonous. It grows to a foot or two high. Don't want it in the garden since my 5 year old likes to graze.
  • Euphorbia peplus? Common weed.
  • Hedera helix, (Hedera algeriensis?), Ivy.
  • Vinca minora (but I didn't check the leaves) could be majora.
  • Sonchus oleraceus? some kinda dandelion sow thistle. I've left its more interesting relatives to keep growing.
  • Festuca? I think. Common weedy grass.
  • Oxalis corniculata? I think. Its a common weedy one, but has different forms in the garden. Maybe a few kinds are growing here.

In Cultivation

  • Rubus armeniacus. Himalayan blackberry. Volunteered last year in the bed where I washout the kitchen's compost bucket. Training it to the fence, and keeping down adventitious roots and shoots.
  • Petroselinum crispum. Common parsley. The garden is in shade most of the day half the year so this one is going strong.
  • Beta vulgaris. Chard. Red. Not doing well but still growing in a couple locations. Probably would do better in sun.
  • Beta vulgaris? Green chard. Did very well and now flowering. I'd like to replant from the seeds. I use it in salad and stir fry. The kids like it.
  • Cordyline australis Doing ok in the ground facing west with the house behind it. Afternoon sun.
  • Aloe vera. Near the cordyline. Not flourishing but established and growing slowly. Pulled these out of one of my ex-wife's pots that she neglected. Might be inherited from her grandmother who was a Santeria priestess.
  • Agave americana 'variegata' Same source as the Aloe. Planted in same location. Established and getting bigger.
  • Brassica oleracea. a kale. green. A volunteer near the cordyline. I dumped out some garden waste in the bed, and these happened. They are still growing. Might be setting seed soon which is the goal.
  • Salvia vulgaris common sage. Might not make it, but two survived the shady winter and the wet. I pulled other plants around them to give them a chance.
  • Solanum tuberosum Potato. In February last year I found fallen behind the cookbooks a russet potato left over from grocery shopping and never cooked. It was sprouting. I decided to cut it up and plant it, and this motivated me to do something with the neglected garden beds around the house. They are still going. I found a number of them still in the soil. We shall see if they all die due to blight, or go another year and spread.
  • Sonchus? A couple sow thistles with large rosettes of hairy leaves. They look cool so I am watching what they do.
  • Eschescholzia californica some native poppies I planted last year. Still growing.
  • Amaryllis naked ladies. These do well here and were planted by a prior gardener. I've left them in despite their prime location. Currently they are surrounded by parsley in winter. When they lose their leaves I seed a bunch of california wildflowers near them.