Today I filled the wine barrel with help from my youngest son. It took about 15 gallons of soil, three buckets worth. I shoveled fresh soil out of my neighbor's compost bin and bucketed it over to my place.

   My youngest planted the seeds with me in the new wine barrel, the barrel from last year, and a few terracotta pots:

  • Cherry tomato - Solanum lycopersicum
  • Heirloom tomato - Solanum lycopersicum
  • Romaine lettuce - Lactuca sativa

   Last weekend or maybe earlier, I planted some cucumber seeds in one of the terracotta pots, and there's some red chard, a turnip, and an onion left over from last year as well.

   Then I reworked the soil by last year's kale - which is going to flower finally. The aloes, cordyline and century plant over there are all doing well. Also over in this corner is a Zantedeschia aethiopica - what my mom's side of the family incorrectly calls Easter Lilies on account of both their "Irishness" as well as the weirdly common use of this plant in churches on Easter despite the fact that it is not an Easter Lily.

   My son planted some rosemary in the reworked soil near the Zantedeschia. We then went around the corner of the house to a dreadful planter in partial shade and he planted more rosemary because why not?

   I cut another line in the driveway with a trowel for more lettuce. And there's a very shady planter by the fence where we planted some too.

   Then I started clearing out some construction debris under the Lilly Pilly trees along the driveway. Maybe a good location for some Huckleberry if I can clean it all out and do some real planting.

   That this garden is soooo tiny is amusing to me given how many plants I try cultivating in all its little pockets around an abandoned car.