The landscapers returned to trample my garden beds despite the neat rows and stakes, and turned their wind-blower on it. I immediately went outside to deal with the old timers and instead encountered their nephew. He had no excuse since we have had this conversation before. He said he would not do what he was doing, then when I pointed to what he was doing, he apologized for doing what he said he was not doing. I watched him shuffle off with a shit eating grin.

   It particularly irritates me that he is not a corporate drone or middle manager, and yet is acting like one. Perhaps the kid does not want to work for their aunt and uncle, resents being in this job, and yet has no choice due to the uselessness of the broader economy. I've been there before. Understanding why things might be this way does not lessen my irritation though.

   Anyway today:

  • Seeded Chard and Turnips in the driveway. They will probably die, but its a good experiment. I want to grow something in these dead soil zones.
  • the neighbors offered soil from their compost bin. I dropped it in an eroded planter where the rains washed out the soil.
  • They next gave me another wine barrel. Apparently it had been my ex-wife's. It is currently empty but will allow me to grow more stuff in full sun on the concrete. I'm thinking tomatoes, cucumbers. I'll pick one, and maybe put a few shade tolerant greens under them.