Seeded a garden bed today between the rains. Nothing fancy yet. Will do more later. I buy seed packets at the local grocery store based on whatever whim I feel at the time. This is not a serious garden. I tend to over plant the seeds by haphazardly dropping them rather than carefully placing them, and then I later decide whether to thin or let them grow densely. That is the typical thing. But I also have a few pots which I carefully plant, and then locate in a sunny location.


  • Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary. Scattered near the aloes, kale, and cordyline because when I moved into this house there was an excellent rosemary there. I'd like another source for cooking.
  • Eruca sativa Arugula. Seeded one row. Closest to the edge. Between 1 and 2 meters long. Partial sun.
  • Ocimum basilicum Basil. Seeded one row maybe 6-12" over from the arugula. Between 1 and 2 meters long. Partial sun.
  • Brassica oleracea Broccoli. I doubt this will do well. Its an experiment. Seeded part of one row maybe 6-12" over from the basil. Slightly more than 1 meter. Partial sun.
  • Allium cepa Onion. Seeded the remainder of the broccoli row. I don't expect these to make it. An experiment.
  • Cucumis sativus Cucumber. Put a few in a pot where I grew some successfully last year, and moved the pot to the middle of the driveway behind the abandoned car to get more sun. Will move it to the side of the car toward summer when the sun is overhead. Also stuck a few near the three rows I seeded. We'll see how they all do.
  • Eschescholzia californica Scattered more of these in the area of the three rows. The landlord's gardeners killed a patch of these I was growing in the same location last year, along with all the other plants there. Maybe with the three rows of veggies clearly laid out and staked they'll get the hint. I periodically catch them in the act of killing my plants, and talk to them. They stop for the moment, but its like talking to a wall. They are an elderly vietnamese couple, perhaps ethnically chinese, with limited english. I made more headway with their nephew when he was filling in for them, but now the old folks are back. This is the danger I must accept when I intentionally cultivate a mess. People who can't identify plants don't realize what they are looking at.
  • Random mix of California wildflowers scattered on the border. Will likely get another packet and do this again. This was wildly successful last year and a joy to watch evolve until winter hit and the last of the flowers died.