I am unhappy with the asynchronous loading on the home page. The main content of the page should be immediately visible. Sending a second GET request to the server from the client for the latest blog post is clunky, and screws up a mobile device's rendering of the page.

   I am considering remaking this site as a Node application, or inserting PHP here and there where I want to compile a page server-side. I'll first try getting the PHP to work.

Here's what I think I need to do:
  1. Stop working in production and start coding in my dev instance.
  2. Make a serverside GET request from houseofthemagus.com using cURL to ghost's API on blog.houseofthemagus.com. (I'll need to get the CORS headers to work properly since this is a cross domain request. And I think ghost's oAuth documentation should help with that.) Respond to the data returned from ghost, and compile the page, and respond with it to the client's initial request.
  3. Deal with issues as they come up until the thing works.
  4. Assess whether this is any better than what I have now. At the least I'll have learned a bit more about web development during the process.

   Eventually I will probably build my entire website as a node app instead, but I do need to focus on one thing at a time. And right now my focus is client-side development.