I took the above picture of a tomato harvester when I worked with a farm advisor in the Sacramento Valley. The picture reminds me where I have been, and where my food comes from, which are the kinds of thoughts I've been having lately.

   It has been one hell of a year for me with major changes that extend far beyond just a career change. All that I want to say about this is that I have not focused as much as I needed to on the new career and skill set. I have had other priorities. Now that my head is back on straight, and my life somewhat settled, its time to focus again on developing my coding skills with the intention of getting well compensated work so that I am not gentrified out of the Bay Area.

   To practice web development in my free time, I am building a new website. The old site was primarily just Wordpress which I found to be more cumbersome than I wanted. I have now migrated the blog to Ghost for two reasons. The first is that Ghost is lightweight, clean, and thus can more easily be hooked up to fit within other parts of a website using its API. The second reason is that I want to code in JavaScript again, and learn Node.

   The current concept for this website project is to create a vehicle for myself to write static web pages from scratch as I used to in college about projects I was working on, photos I took, and stories I had written. The content of this site will be different, but the basic purpose the same. I play with web tech and improve my skills as I go. I also want each of these project pages to list any blog posts I've written which pertain to the project on that page. Basically each project page could have its own dev blog if I want it. While the overall site will have a clear separation between the blog, and the projects, the two should also be woven together with the relevant threads. And most importantly I will use one blog for writing whatever I want, and not have to be too fussy about it beyond paying attention to how I tag each post.

   Thus far I have set up an Ubuntu server with Vultr, configured the web server with subdomains, installed a database, Node.js, and Ghost, and then migrated all of my files and posts from the old website. I still don't have SSL working because I have never configured a server to do this before, but I'll get that working soon enough. Acmetool incidentally served well for handling the certificates.

   I've also screwed around a bit with Flarum, and got a Neverwinter Nights Server working too, but more on that stuff when I do something with them.