Tree: Sketching with an Intuos Tablet

My first experiment using an Intuos drawing tablet with Gimp is a single layer of black and white lines over another layer of green. I’ll be using it as a guide as I learn how to paint on a computer.

There is a story behind this drawing. In college I had this green matte board that I had left over from a project. These kinds of mattes were intended to be one of the components used when framing a painting, but I liked to draw directly on them. I liked the muted colors and grided texture of the matte. My plan was to draw in charcoal on that green matte board and hang it on the wall. I never got around to it. Today I decided to try it out as my first project with the drawing tablet.

Getting the tablet working in Ubuntu and Gimp took a bit of fiddling, but I am happy with it now. The only drawback is that I can’t make use of the stylus’s tilt. Gimp doesn’t seem to capture it.

Tree 141228 State 1

Using the sketch, I started to paint the tree in color.

Tree 141228 State 2 Tree 141228 State 3 Tree 141229 painted 1