Tree: Painting with the Tablet

First and maybe last stage of my tree – an exercise to learn how to draw and paint with an Intuos tablet. I had never used one before. And in truth I’ve never successfully painted with real media either. This is for better or worse my best work in color.

Today I sat down to do the foliage in my digital illustration. I wasted a lot of time trying to improve the black and white sketch, and got nowhere. I was afraid to mess up what I had made yesterday. Changing to a painting rather than drawing approach was very freeing as I just dabbed and scribbled seemingly at random. It was a bit like modeling or sculpting. I started with the dark, went to mid tones, and then to highlights. The volume of the canopy was much easier to express that way, and I did not need to be concerned about mistakes as I just painted over them.

So this was my first experiment with a drawing tablet on a computer and I am happy with the experience. I’d like to do more. The only drawback is that its not as portable as paper. I might have to start using my sketchbook and journal again, drawing and writing on real media rather than limiting myself to the digital.