Arnheim: The Mystery

   “The Mystery” is a monastic tradition which originated in Orsenna. These abstract, non-theistic mystics split from the The Faith centuries past, rejecting the idea that divine beings are powers in their own right. They believe in one God, but think of God as a force rather than a being. All of creation is a manifestation of the God-force. The purpose of life for these mystics is to learn the nature of self, and thus God.


Characters practicing this religion may start as members of a monastery, associates, or be unaffiliated if they meet the following class requirements:

  • Member: Cleric or Monk.
  • Associate: Rogue, Ranger, Wizard, Sorcerer. DM approval required for Bards and Barbarians.
  • Unaffiliated: Any class can start play as unaffiliated with a monastery except for Monks (who must be affiliated), or Paladins and Druids (who can not be devoted to The Mystery).

On living in a monastery:

Life in the monastery is orderly. A character’s alignment gradually becomes more lawful while staying in a monastery, which can be problematic for Barbarians, and Bards or anyone else with difficulty obeying rules.


  • Associates must start non-chaotic. Members must start as lawful.

Common Rules:

  • Martial Weapons, Heavy Armor, and Shields are not allowed in the monastery.
  • Prosletyzing for or against any religion is grounds for expulsion from the monastery.
  • Disturbing the peace will result in disciplinary action with the possibility of expulsion.


Once a Monk converts to another religion or multi-classes, they keep all of their Monk abilities, but DM approval will be required for gaining further levels as a Monk. A converted Monk also loses monastery membership but may remain as an associate of a monastery.
Monks can not increase their Monk level if non-lawful.


  • Alignment: see “On living in a monastery” above. Clerics are not penalized by alignment shift.
  • Special: Clerics selecting the unarmed combat feat must be members of a monastery.
  • Domains:  Knowledge, Air, Earth, Fire, Water or Magic.
  • Favored Weapons: Katana, Unarmed.
  • Equipment: Clerics of The Mystery will not start with access to many weapon types, nor heavy armor, or shields.


Druids may not start with The Mystery as a religion. Starting with monastery affiliation requires DM approval, and Holy Wanderer status. An affiliated druid character would begin as Lawful Neutral see “On Living In A Monastery” above.
Conversion to The Mystery will prevent the Druid from regaining Druid spells.


May not start as associates of a monastery, with The Mystery as a religion, nor with Monastery affiliation.
Conversion to The Mystery will strip the Paladin of special abilities, and spell casting.