I drew these awhile ago intending to illustrate the Violence Spells Gods and Politics project. Posting them here because I just found them and »


   Reacquainting myself with a drawing tablet.    I intended to draw four panels for Violence Spells Gods and Politics, one panel for each »


   While working on hex crawling rules for VSGP, I put together some hex-paper templates which may be useful for others. Hex Sheets Hexes 5 »

VSGP: Rough Draft

   I posted a rough draft of the VSGP Primer last week. I now realize that I have two more pages to write.    »


   I activated an Adobe Creative Cloud account today to use InDesign "officially". My trial period is over, and I want to finish the VSGP »

Modeling Movement Rates

   I recently modeled movement rates for Violence Spells Gods and Politics based on my own experiences in track and cross-country competition. TERMS SPEEDunits moved »