Started the season off by weeding the garden beds between downpours. It is a small garden so this only took an hour. I need »

Design Patterns

   I recently ran across Design Patterns of Successful RPG's and while I think it is flawed because the writer inserts his own value judgements »

Animation: The Reward

   I saw The Reward by The Animation Workshop posted on YouTube, and thought it was entertaining. Shane Ward from Google+ says that this video »

Reading: The Road, Jack London

   The Road by Jack London is available on Project Gutenberg. You can download it. Excellent book, about Jack London's experiences tramping around on trains. »


   I activated an Adobe Creative Cloud account today to use InDesign "officially". My trial period is over, and I want to finish the VSGP »

Anger and Forgiveness

   Lately I have been thinking about forgiveness, and I realized that there are people I have not forgiven for wronging me. Should I?   »