Jack Shackleford's Book

   Today I discovered that a guy named Jack Shackleford wrote a book called The House of The Magus. I have not yet read it. »

Image Gallery

   I completed the image gallery today.    As far as writing code goes, the main task was to generate thumbnails on the fly. »


   A minor update to the website: the upper left corner of the home page has an image icon, which when clicked displays the splash »

Home Page's Splash Image

   Tired of manually rotating the splash image of the welcome page, I wrote code to do it for me.    The splash image »

PHP Class for Ghost's API

   Today I fixed the clunky front page. The latest blog post's excerpt is now gathered server-side instead of client-side. My solution uses PHP. I »

Clunky Home Page

   I am unhappy with the asynchronous loading on the home page. The main content of the page should be immediately visible. Sending a second »