Resizable Div In Javascript

     Today I made a babystep towards implementing an editor for my tile based game. Its not much, but I figured out how to code a movable and resizable div in javascript. Give it a try below:

     As with my other JavaScript exercises lately I am coding this from scratch. The purpose behind this exercise is to learn the ins and outs of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as I’ve been away from web development for 13 years. The last time I touched this stuff CSS was new, HTML was just about to enter the XHTML craze, and JavaScript was not widely used (I was the only JavaScript coder at the company I worked for).
     While I do not believe this implementation will be part of the final version of the “TILES” editor, it is one of the things I thought I would need for the editor’s user interface. I am still a long way from my goal, but this most recent step has been instrumental in understanding how to capture the different mouse movements, and observing how DIVs respond to dynamic position and size changes.
     In the next few months I hope to enable House visitors to make areas which others can explore. We’ll see how that turns out in practice, but in the meantime I’ve got more work to do.

As far as the latest status of “TILES” goes see below: