Parley with the Witch of Visser Hill

* Screenshots courtesy of Renter6, from our event, June 30th.*

The Scene:
For an hour or more, the adventurers waited in Orman’s Rest for the return of Alaric, the Innkeeper’s son. He was out tracking the frogmen raiders who had kidnapped children from Adermarkt. Old Ned, however, arrived at the Inn first, or at least something that looked like Old Ned. Amidst erratic and inconsistent speech, the man claimed to have escaped Visser Hill. The children, he said, were taken to the old fort there, currently the home of a witch named Magda. Whether or not the story was true, witchcraft did seem to be involved. After a few bribes from Ulric to get the party moving, our adventurers were off to investigate.

Karvon, another player, posted a log of the event titled A Visit to an Old Fort.