NWN: Sea Cave Tileset Improvement

I have been doing some work assembling art assets for the new Vives project. The first task was to put together a collection of the tilesets and placeables which builders will need. One of my favorite tilesets is the Sea Cave tileset, but I felt that it needed a roof. I set to finding an expedient solution to this today.

The only version I was aware of with roofs was NWNCQ’s, but I did not like the muddy textures that Chico used in NWNCQ. I thought: what if I take the NWNCQ version of Sea Caves, but use the original textures rather than Chico’s? I tried it and it looked good. One texture however was missing, the one on both the roof and the boulders which Chico dropped in the water.

I made a new rock wall texture and applied it to the roof, the boulders in the water, and to the walls supporting the roof so it all flowed together. I tried several variations until I finally painted a satisfactory texture. I think it fits in with the others. Let me know what you think. I am rusty at art assets as I spend most of my time programming these days. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

The tileset and four of the textures I experimented with are available for download on my Sea Cave Project page. I think this is just a first stab at improving this tileset. Other than the roofs, I don’t like Chico’s work on this one. The texture mapping is bad, the choice of light shafts through a roof is a bad one, and so on. Much can be done with this. I’d love it if someone picks this up and runs with it.