Just when I thought I was out...

Vives Title

they pull me back in.

The old Vives website was restored by PDWalker. It is full of old stories and antics and brings back fond memories playing Vives. Old timers came out of the woodwork when PDW announced the old website was back up. Someone even put up a #beyondvives IRC channel on irc.darkmyst.org. Probably, it was PDW, but it could have been Chief who did it.

Its amazing how much these people missed each other. And I am speaking for myself too, here.  Chief and I kept the torch lit for a few years while everyone wandered off and away. But now they keep coming back and out of the wood work. Many have reinstalled NWN and jumped in game.

And the chatter in IRC often comes around to making a new world for us all to play in. I set the seed. It is what I have wanted for a long time – to work in a team rather than solo on a big project. And so it goes.

I am back in the NWN toolset, setting the foundation for builders of the next game world the Vives community will play out their character’s adventures in. Early days yet, but I am excited.