June 30th: In Pursuit of the Frogmen

Event:In Pursuit of the Frogmen
Setting: Arnheim (Setting Summary)
Schedule: June 30th (6pm PST / 9pm EST)
Server: Arnheim (
Characters: Same as last time or for new recruits a new character starting at level 1 which will only be playable in the Arnheim setting. (Character creation information)

Last night in Adermarkt, the party investigated a raid on the settlement. They encountered and defeated a band of four frogmen, then returned to Orman’s Rest to inform the locals about what they discovered. On their return, they discovered that a second raid had occurred on a different section of coast. In this raid, some children were taken, presumably across the channel and into the marshes. Alaric, the son of Ulric Orman, has gone off to investigate. The party remains at Orman’s Rest catching their breath while they decide what to do next.