June 16th: Orman's Rest

Event: Orman’s Rest
Setting: Arnheim (Setting Summary)
Schedule: June 16th (6pm PST / 9pm EST)
Server: Arnheim (
Characters: Same as last time or for new recruits a new character starting at level 1 which will only be playable in the Arnheim setting. (Character creation information)

In Adermarkt, a soggy tradepost at the bottom of Arnheim, on the shores of the Aderlating River where the Southroad ends, a three story wood and plaster building stands tall, Orman’s Rest. Through its weatherbeaten shutters, a moist evening breeze carries the voices of the frogs with it to join the conversation by the fire, conversation over fish soup, and roasted boar, conversation amongst the boatmen in their leather coats, and cloaks, fisherman and fishwives clad in green, farmers in from a slow day preparing for the fall harvest, and the few peddlers with no place better to trade but sleepy Adermarkt, the outpost market on the Aderlating River.

The party wandered south out of Falkswoud seeking Orman’s Rest. They arrived in the early evening, and found a table where they could sit and eat. The Inn is full of interesting characters telling tales. This is a long way from the City of Arnheim, and perhaps beyond the reach of the Baron. None of his men in blue are seen tonight at Orman’s Rest, so spirits are high, and tongues loose. The spirit of adventure is in the air, and the Aderlating outside untamed, and unexplored.