July 28: Unmasking Goblin Ned

Event: Unmasking Goblin Ned
Schedule: July 28th (6pm PST / 9pm EST) (Subscribe)
Server: Arnheim (
Characters: Same as last time or for new recruits a new character starting at level 1 which will only be playable in the Arnheim setting. (Character creation information)

Upon returning to Orman’s Rest, our party of adventurers discovered that the man thought to be Old Ned was actually a polymorphed goblin. Old Ned’s family however refuses to believe that the creature is anything other than their Old Ned, and should they take Goblin Ned back to their home, the goblin will be able to stay in Adermarkt indefinitely, protected by the Rule of Hospitality. In order to prevent this, the adventurers agreed to gather ingredients for a magic potion capable of revealing the goblin for what it is to Old Ned’s family. Although they were able to acquire the potion, no one has yet been able to unmask Goblin Ned. (Thanks to Karvon for the session log.)