Happy New Year

   I have been away for a very long time. Its time I start using this site to actually show my work. The reason I have not is that I have been working exclusively in a proprietary engine – Neverwinter Nights. Some of this work has been on Vives, a persistent world that I host from my home server. But the lion’s share these days has been on the Arnheim project. I’ve got two Arnehim modules in the works. The active project is Expedition to Devil’s Island.

   My New Year’s resolution is to keep the blog on my progress on Arnheim here. I’ll need to remind myself how to use Word Press and create an NWN category for all things Vives and all things Arnheim. Should probably put up a server monitor as well. The first trick will be fixing my write permissions so that I can get pictures on here again.

   And my NWN Server’s Status. Not many players now. We’ll see what happens in the next couple months. I’ve begun working on outreach. 1-2 players a day is just not cutting it.