Hall of Archery Nears Completion

          Progress on the Hall of Archery continues. The building is complete, and the garden planted. Our gardeners are particularly proud of the strangler vine fast establishing itself on one of the Hall’s columns.

          While the Hall’s public opening is approaching, the exact date remains undetermined. We still have some finishing touches to complete before we open the range to public tournaments. The roof for example needs reinforcement. Shooting arrows in a glass house – as “They” says – is a tricky business. So our resident archers are testing the facilities and making suggestions for improvement. Our gardeners in the meantime are busy fighting an infestation of Galamaramarings. While attractive in small numbers, Galamaramarings are more noxious than white fly if uncontrolled.
          Regrettably negotiations with Hanj have been on hold during his trip to Bier Ben’or. The Hall’s special features are thus behind schedule. We will keep you informed of further developments.