Grecian Urn - Stylized Tiles

New Style Tiles drawn from Greek references.

I have made progress on the Grecian Urn game. The images above show the new look I am going for. Try it out for yourself.


  • new tiles, drawn from references.
  • tiles have an alpha layer and can blend with the tiles beneath them which opens up different options for rendering. The character is drawn on top of the terrain tiles beneath it. Inert objects are flat black and merge with the background.
  • a cursor is drawn to indicate which tile the player is hovering over. This unfortunately does not work on a touch device, and I am thinking about tweaking the interface to accommodate that.

The overall appearance I want is beginning to take shape. My original inspiration for this was the iconography and illustrations on classic Greek pottery. I am not there yet, BUT I did download many references pictures of amphora, studied the decorations and attempted to recreate them. I created the drawings from scratch in a vector program while looking closely at the originals, and then converted these to 36×36 pixel tiles. I still have much more work to do to achieve the right look, and admit that a side scrolling game will work much better for this. But for now I am going to complete the top down tile game and editor for making “maps”. I’ll look at creating a side scroller later.