Full Circle Back to the Painted Desert

I have returned to the Painted Desert. To wander in the desert, scroll past my ramble below, and click on the player.

For some time I have been losing interest in modding for Neverwinter Nights. My work on Arnheim had become obsessive, and I enjoyed the world I was creating, but a horrifying thought dawned on me as I came closer to completing it: if I released the Arnheim PW, I would be the only builder, only DM, and only administrator. I enjoy sharing my work with others, but I was already devoting more time than was healthy to a free project. I do have responsibilities outside of potential players, and it was time I took stock and considered what I was doing.

I am thinking that it is time for me to move on. It is time that I dig back into Unity3D. While I enjoy making games, it is very time consuming, and I need the possibility of turning it into a secondary income. With NWN I will never have that option, and so ultimately I am wasting time that my family needs me to spend more productively.

I am however not walking away from the community. I am still organizing the Adventure Building Challenge, and hope to see it gain momentum. I also have some outstanding offers to help people make use of the packages I have produced like Innocuous Familiars or Seamless Area Transitions, and I’ll share art assets if they are appropriate, but it is time to shift my focus.

This past week I began playing with Unity again and sketching out ideas for a project to make with it. I revisited my Painted Desert scene, and played with the Beast lightmapping. I realized that I had not done much with Unity since version 2 because the techniques that I had used to get the purple shadows and yellow highlights in the Painted Desert are no longer viable.

This was my first use of lightmapping with beast (rather than creating them between cheetah3D and pixelmator as I did last time). Next steps are to introduce the pentapus and cactus monsters to that environment. Writing AI in NWN was fun for me and now I’d like to see what I can do with it in Unity.