Dalek Modelling

Dalek - Front

     Although I have stopped working on mods for Neverwinter Nights, I still keep tabs with the NWN community. It takes time to move on, and I do feel guilty for dropping my NWN projects so abruptly. Recently I saw a request for a Dalek model. At the time, I had no idea what a Dalek was, nor did I know much about Dr. Who, but since it had been years since I created a model I decided to make it.

Dalek - Side

     The geometry was easy. I’m glad that I can still think in three dimensions given how much time I have spent writing code the past couple years.

Dalek - Procedural Texture

     The texturing was a learning experience. I decided to take advantage of Cheetah3D’s procedural textures and burn them on to one texture. Then I further edited the texture in Pixelmator to add dirt and other details like the eye and the ring of slats around the middle.
     I had help getting that model into NWN as I don’t know anything about that. Unity3D has spoiled me with its seamlessly integrated workflow.