Arnheim: The Faith

   “The Faith” is the official religion of Orsenna. Both Monotheistic and Dualistic, “The Faith’s” tenets include: The uncreated creator, God, created everything, and gave all beings free will; Life is defined by the struggle between Good and Evil; God created 11 divine beings worthy of worship, each only an aspect of God as none are a god in their own right.

The 11 divine beings listed with their associated domain and accepted alignment(s) are as follows:

“Apriana”. Healing. (align: LG, NG, CG)
“Aurelia”. Sun. (align: LG, NG, CG)
“Maia”. Protection. (align: LG, LE, NG, CG)
“Veneros”. Knowledge. (align: LG, LE)
“Barnabus”. Strength. (align: LG, LE)
“Cosm”, Magic. (align: NG, NE, LG, LE, CG, CE)
“Orcus”. Death. (align: CE, NE, LE)
“Kilili”. Destruction. (align: CE, NE, LE)
“Cyriacus”. War. (align: CG, CE, NE, LE)
“Kester”. Travel. (align: CG, CE)
“Cagli”. Trickery. (align: CG, CE)


Clerics of The Faith can belong to the Temple of Light, another Temple of The Faith or they can be holy wanderers. Starting Paladins in Orsenna must be affiliated with the Temple of Light. Wizards following Cosm, and Veneros may be associated with a Temple. Neither Monks nor Druids follow The Faith. Non-human characters attached to a temple must be DM approved, this is not required of holy wanderers.


  • Alignment: Good or Evil. Alignment shift may prevent a Cleric from gaining levels as a Cleric. A cleric’s patron carries further alignment restrictions. [See Above]
  • Domains: One domain chosen by the cleric must be either Good or Evil, matching the cleric’s alignment. The second domain is determined by the cleric’s choice of a patron from one of the 11 divine beings.
  • Special: Orcus and Kilili are called out as enemies of the Temple of Light. Clerics with either as their patron are expelled if not killed. Other temples however may be more accepting especially if the cleric is discrete about their exact beliefs.


All paladins at level one begin with affiliation to The Temple of Light in Orsenna. Particular temple affiliation is not required for continued advancement. Devotion to The Faith and a lawful good alignment however is required for gaining more levels as a paladin, maintaining paladin powers, and regaining spells.

  • Patron: must be Apriana, Aurelia, Maia, Veneros, or Barnabus.


Wizards that wish to live in a temple and use temple resources must meet a number of requirements in addition to devotion to The Faith.

  • Patron: must be Veneros or Cosm
  • Requirements: Temple must be regularly given offerings. Practicing necromancy, or demonology is forbidden by the Temple.


Conversion to The Faith will prevent the Druid from regaining Druid spells, although it may save the Druid’s life.


Conversion to The Faith will prevent the Monk from gaining Monk levels.